Women On Top is a fast-paced, intimate, half-hour series celebrating thirteen dynamic, successful women who have drool-worthy jobs. You know the type – they’re often written about or talked about because they’re unique, courageous and incredibly successful.
What you likely don’t know is how they did it, why they did it and what the price of getting it and now keeping it ultimately means – from their point-of-view. Edgy and enlightening, Women On Top boldly ventures where traditional profiles rarely go. It doesn’t simply celebrate success it aggressively lays bare its hidden underbelly – the unexpected turning points, the personal costs and challenges, the differences between how it all appears and what it really is.
Set in the work place, the home and in a wide variety of celebrity-saturated or industry events, each episode of Women On Top is an access-driven, arms-length confessional that reveals the personal through the professional like never before.